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Risk Management Executive Search

Risk Talent Associates is an executive search firm focused exclusively on risk management job placement and employment opportunities. Our risk recruiting expertise covers enterprise risk, market risk, credit risk, operational risk, financial compliance, risk technology and quantitative finance. We also publish an annual risk salary survey which includes compensation benchmarks for risk management positions in capital markets, asset management, global corporations, technology, energy, risk consulting and financial compliance.

Our risk recruitment and executive search expertise, risk management industry knowledge and dedicated focus shorten the recruiting process to deliver high quality candidates for your vital, mission-critical risk management job positions.


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Industry Focus

Recruiters and hiring mangers


  • 11.10.2011

    Strong compensation growth trajectory for risk professionals in asset management

  • 10.24.2011

    Rebound continues for risk professionals in capital markets

  • 12.20.2010

    Compensation growth rebounds for risk professionals in technology; stabilizes for consulting

  • 11.15.2010

    Compensation growth for risk professionals in energy has slowed, but remains healthy

  • 9.30.2010

    Securities Technology Monitor: “Risk Experts at Hedge Funds Better Paid Than Peers”

  • 9.24.2010

    Pension & Investments: “Bonuses bump up asset management risk pros’ pay in ’09”


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