Capital Markets executive search placements.

Director, Head of Commodities Risk Management - Bank of Montreal
This Director was hired to manage the nature of all traded market and credit risks and ensure that all risk taken is both transparently reported and commensurate with the Bank’s stated appetite for risk. The Director is required to recommend the appropriate level of new types of risks or products and to approve increases in risk within specified parameters. A close working relationship with both Trading and other Risk personnel is required, and the Director is to take a prominent role in advancing various initiatives within Risk Oversight and Market Risk as well as the Lines of Business. The candidate placed was a former Vice President/Head of Commodities Risk Management at another major investment bank.

First Vice President, Head of Research and Quantitative Systems Management - The Options Clearing Corporation
The First Vice President was hired to lead the research and development function and to consult on implementation of quantitative risk systems as well as their integration into the firm’s overall IT infrastructure. This role involves leading new quantitative systems initiatives, authoring system requirement documents and coordinating quantitative system activities across several departments, including but not limited to risk, research and IT. A senior portfolio manager/head of quantitative research from a hedge fund was successfully placed into this position. Before joining a hedge fund, the candidate was a global head of quantitative research at a large investment bank.

Head of Credit Risk - GE Consumer Finance
The Chief Credit Officer/Head of Credit Risk was hired into a high profile business and risk role responsible for the overall direction and control of business performance and risk exposure for a major division of this lending company. This senior risk professional directs all modeling analysis efforts, determines risk policies and strategies, and serves as technical expert to senior management on complex risk issues. The successful candidate came from a major mortgage company with deep industry experience.

Head of Market Risk - FHLB – Des Moines
The Head of Market Risk was hired to provide oversight on financial risk management activities and to ensure safety and soundness on market risk management issues. The position required at least 5 years of experience in a market risk position focused on fixed income/mortgages and a graduate degree in economics, finance or other quantitative field. The successful candidate came from a major GSE with a solid market risk and quantitative background. The position offers an exceptional opportunity for advancement from senior market risk officer to chief risk officer.

Chief Credit Risk Officer - Wells Fargo Financial

Chief Credit Risk Officer - Wells Fargo – Auto

Chief Risk Officer - First Caribbean Bank/CIBC

Director, Credit Risk - FHLB – Dallas

Director, Market Risk, Credit Products - BMO Capital Markets

Director, Market Risk - FHLB – Dallas

Director, Market Risk - FHLB – Des Moines

Director, Market Risk, Commodities - Bank of Montreal

Director, Market Risk, Interest rates/rates - BMO Capital Markets

Director, Risk Management, Top Tier Investment Bank - Prime Brokerage

Head of Risk Management - The Options Clearing Corporation

Managing Director, Risk Technology - Top Tier Investment Bank

SVP, Credit Risk - CIBC Capital Markets

SVP, Credit Risk Analytics - Citizen Bank/Royal Bank of Scotland

VP, Head of Market Risk - Piper Jaffray

VP, Market Risk - Goldman Sachs

Industry Focus

  • Capital Markets
    investment banks, commercial banks, federal agencies, and financial exchanges.
  • Asset Management
    traditional asset managers, hedge funds, fund of funds, and insurers.
  • Global Corporations
    major corporations, including construction, manufacturing, agricultural, and commodity as well as their financial subsidiaries.
  • Software Analytics
    risk management software solutions.
  • Oil/Energy & Renewables
    firms that develop, manage and market energy.
  • Risk Consulting
    consulting firms, administrators and ratings agencies
  • Healthcare
    hospitals, health insurance providers, healthcare organizations