Risk Management Executive Recruiter | Risk Talent

Since 2001 Risk management executive search is all we do - and our clients tell us we do it better than anyone else.

We understand risk management. We are skilled in evaluating strengths in market, credit and operational risk, as well as financial compliance and risk technology, including Cybersecurity. As your partner, we take special care to understand the importance of, and the balance between strategic thinking, quantitative ability, financial market knowledge, and communication skills.

We know the industry. We give you access to risk industry best practices, compensation information and hiring trends, to help you become more skilled buyers of risk management resources. Up-front, we serve as advisors so that your position profile, job description and recruiting plan yield the best candidates.

We offer a network of talent. We maintain a proprietary database of over 30,000 experienced risk management candidates. This source gives you access to 'passive' candidates, those who are satisfied with their current position, but who would consider the right new opportunity. The Risk Talent system is designed around delivering these desirable risk professionals. If we do not already know the candidates, we always meet them ... to ensure that we find the perfect match for your needs.

Our process delivers. Through a diligent search process, our experienced team works together to deliver industry-best recruiting, sourcing, networking and interviewing skills. Our carefully crafted interview methods tighten the range of candidates, so that only the best are presented for your consideration. We serve as your advocate, positioning opportunities in the most favorable light, to deliver top talent into your organization. Ask us about our Recruiting Sprint, to jumpstart a critical search.

Technology Expansion. In 2004, Risk Talent opened Globalriskjobs.com, an internet job search platform for risk and compliance professionals. Later, in 2008, Risk Talent Associates became affiliated with a technology firm in the recruitment industry, Aspen Technology Labs, Inc. Under contract with Aspen Tech, Risk Talent has managed Aspen's global sales since 2008. In 2017 the companies expanded their contractual relationship so that Risk Talent also manages Aspen's technology operations, based in Kiev Ukraine.

Industry Focus

  • Capital Markets
    investment banks, commercial banks, federal agencies, and financial exchanges.
  • Asset Management
    traditional asset managers, hedge funds, fund of funds, and insurers.
  • Global Corporations
    major corporations, including construction, manufacturing, agricultural, and commodity as well as their financial subsidiaries.
  • Software Analytics
    risk management software solutions.
  • Energy
    firms that mine, produce, transport and trade energy products.
  • Risk Consulting
    consulting firms, administrators and ratings agencies
  • Healthcare
    hospitals, health insurance providers, healthcare organizations