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Risk Recruiting Training – Risk for Recruiters 101

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Risk Recruiting Training Series

Risk for Recruiters 101

Recruiting Exceptional Risk Management Candidates

Last week we discussed the characteristics of an exceptional risk manager. Traits include quantitative, communicative, market savvy, and strategic. But, how would a corporate recruiter, who is accustomed to recruiting a broad range of professionals, source and recruit these exceptional risk managers?

There is no magic wand to source risk management candidates. However, a disciplined and structured approach is required, if you expect to generate candidates who will be appreciated by your hiring manager. Follow these five steps:

1)   Ask the hiring manager to verbalize the job description by walking you through it in detail – approximately 15-30 minutes. Don’t be too shy to have your hiring manager explain key terms. Feel free to contact me at Risk Talent to discuss the search. This is a free service that we provide.

2)   Draft a search plan and share it with the hiring manager. The key component to a search plan is to determine – where are the likely candidates working now? Make a list of 10-20 companies, minimum. The search plan should include the several steps to successfully complete the search. More on search plans in a later post.

3)   Execute the search plan by first posting the job on websites such as , Linkedin, and Indeed. However, if you stop here, you will likely fail. This is one step to the process but it isn’t enough.

4)   Go to LinkedIn and search for contacts at the search plan target companies, as per #2 above. Search on company name and risk, or company name and other key words from the job title or job description. Connect with these people so that you have access to their networks. Plan to source at least five candidates through this process. At Risk Talent, our goal is to source 20 qualified candidates for each role, but five is a good place to start. Keep working this step until you have sourced five quality candidates.

5)   Manage the flow that comes in from your job postings, but do this only at the beginning of each day, for a total of one hour per day maximum. Make it a habit not to look at replies to job postings after 10am each day. They can wait until tomorrow.

6)   Interview the candidates. More on interviewing risk management candidates in a later post.

7)   Manage the hiring manager interview process. More on that in a later post.


Get started. There are quality risk candidates out there.   If you post a job online and wait for candidate flow, you will be disappointed. Feel free to contact me for advice on risk recruiting at

Risk Hiring in 2013

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

At Risk Talent Assoicates,, we are seeing a definite uptrend in recruiting activity in 2013. Client inquiries are up 40% already year to date, as compared to 2012. While we are only a week into 2013, the activity level seems to be at a four year high. My conversations with CRO’s seem to point to a slight uptick in headcount, but CRO’s are also saying that they are under business pressure to upgrade their risk organizations, so that if the economy picks up in 2013, they won’t be left with open positions and challenging recruiting. Please provide some insight on your thoughts for risk hiring in 2013.