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PRM or FRM – Risk Certification Programs – Is it worth the effort?

Over the years I have often times been asked by candidates if a PRM or FRM certification is required, or even appreciated by employers. For those of you who have completed these certifications, you know that the process is time consuming and challenging. In 13 years, with over 200 risk and compliance searches completed, I have never once been asked by a client to only recruit an individual with a PRM or an FRM designation. We are typically asked to make sure that a candidate has an MBA, or for more quantitative roles, clients typically want a Master’s degree or a PhD. But, never have we been asked to only source candidates with one of these certifications. That said, at Risk Talent Associates, we have found that individuals who are certified with a PRM or an FRM make themselves better risk management professionals and candidates, and they are more likely to be hired for a new role. The breadth and depth of these certifications provide a candidate with knowledge that often times helps them to better navigate their way through the interview process, as risk executives ask broad reaching interview questions. So, my advice to emerging risk professionals – get the certification, it will make you a better risk manager and also prepare you for the interview process when looking for a new role in risk.

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